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Flour Lake is located on the Gunflint Trail in Cook County, MN, 30 miles north of Grand Marais and 3 miles due south of the Canadian border. Adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Flour Lake takes on the beauty of pristine wilderness with rock cliffs, virgin white pines, and northern white cedars which creates an untouched perimeter of the lake.

Minnesota Fishing Regulation Updates - Jeff Sundin ... that are in place or are newly proposed for 15 lakes and one trout ... replaced a protected slot limit in ... Own Fish Limits In Minnesota. Q) ... Border View Lodge :: Lake of the Woods Limits & Species A general guideline for limits and species found in Lake of the Woods, MN. ... Limits & Species. ... Limits. 3 is the limit and the slot is from 30-40 inches;

Both Birch Lake near Babbitt and Burntside Lake are home to many pike over 20 lbs. The Birch Lake pike fishery in particular has responded rapidly to a slot limit imposed several years ago. Days with 30 tip-up flags for two anglers are common, with some eater-sized pike but many within the protected 24-36-inch slot.

Trout fishing regulations SE MN - Special regulations on 22 trout streams in six southeastern Minnesota counties are listed below by regulation type. Click on "Map" to find the location of the streams and the portion of the stream governed by special regulations. Special regulation for these streams is: Protected slot limit for ... DNR announces new special angling regulations: News Releases ... Bass Lake in Todd County and Cedar Lake in Morrison County: Trophy regulations (40 inch minimum length requirement, possession limit of one) on northern pike will be modified to a 26 inch maximum with a possession limit of three. While trophy northern pike still exist, growth rates of smaller pike in these lakes have declined.

Catch and Release PA Brown Trout so that future generations can enjoy the catch of a life time.By having this slot size limit this would allow anglers of today and future generation to have the opportunity to catch trophy class Brown Trout in Lake Erie and Lake Erie Tributaries and by releasing...

On the serious side, we all know that the waters that have slots, special regs will continue to have them in our and our kids and grand kids lifetime. All that’s left to argue about is if/what should be the State Wide Slot Limits on Walleyes? Ah…oh, that’s where this all began. Central Region Fishing Roundup - of the lakes boast abundant Northern Pike populations. Sturgeon Lake still has a 24-36” protected slot with 3 fish bag limit for Northern Pike, but Island and Sand will be subject to the new North Central zone limit of a 10 fish bag limit with 22-26 inch protected slot, and limit of 2 over 26 inches. 2018 Minnesota Fishing Regulations • The 17-28” protected slot limit for walleye in Namakan Reservoir (Namakan, Kabetogama, Sand Point, Little Vermilion, and Crane lakes) has changed to 18-26” (see page 46). The possession limit remains unchanged. • Lake of the Woods: combined possession limit for sauger and walleye in winter

New or changed water-body or area-specific regulation changes are summarized below. Omissions or misprints to the 2015 Minnesota Fishing Regulations handbook are also noted. Lake-specific regulation changes. Lake Winnibigoshish – walleye will have a 18- to 23-inch protected slot, with only one longer than 23 inches.

Table 4 Great Lakes Lake Trout and Splake Regulations For lake trout and splake, the minimum size limit is 10” and the season is open for the entire year unless otherwise noted in the table below. The daily possession limit for lake trout and splake is 5 in any combination, but no more than 3 of any one species, EXCEPT in Lake New special Minnesota fishing regulations - Fishing ... New special Minnesota fishing regulations. This regulation replaces the catch and release regulation that has been in place for the last 10 years. The regulation for largemouth and smallmouth bass on Sewell Lake has also been changed to a 14- to 20-inch protected slot limit. This replaces the 12- to 20-inch protected slot limit. NEW FISHING REGULATIONS ON MINNESOTA LAKES – Sporting ...