Gambling has destroyed my life

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Gambling has ruined my life too. It’s never too late! I know how you feel, don’t think I’ve had a single day where I didn’t contemplate just ending it all this year. Everyday that dark thought comes into my mind.

I have a gambling problem, it has destroyed my life, I ... I have a gambling problem, it has destroyed my life, I have tried GA and others what else can I do? Gambling has destroyed my life - Gambling Help Online ... Hi everyone, Ive looked at this site many times but never actually taken the plunge to join. I am 47 years old and unfortunately pokie machine addiction has been a ... Gambling has destroyed my life. - YouTube

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We have shown that you "cannot beat the game," no matter how intelligently you try. The Vice Trust has never known defeat. It will not know defeat in this enormous source of revenue pouring into its coffers annually from the favored, police-protected, bomb-throwing, life-destroying Gambling... Ritalin destroyed my life | Forum Somehow having to go see a team of doctors that studied me and made me take more drugs seemed normal, I can now see that this is RIDICULOUS, I want to sue them, I am so mad about this, they destroyed my life.

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Suicide, attempted suicide and suicidal ideation is common among compulsive gamblers. By the time the devastation of the disease reaches the tipping point in a pathological gambler’s life they face grave financial problems, their families …

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My big issue with life and gambling was a spiritual crisis and it took a spiritual awakening in a brand new way to come out of it. Gambling was the biggest mistake of my life. | Gambling Therapy